Thursday, May 26, 2011

Evi Is Back!!

HOWWWWWWLLLLOOOOOOOO Everybody!!!! ...or to nobody, since nobody has yet to follow me, Maybe because I'm so short?  
Anyways my Momma was sick and could not type for me, I would do it myself but my toes are too fat :) But after lots of barking, she caved and started typing for me again. I have so much to tell you all! First of all, 

I'm A Show dog!!!!!! And here is my proof :) I may be small, but momma and the judge agree I am Mighty! And speaking of showdogs, my littermate-brother just received a two-point win AND my Daddy Cain just received Multiple group wins! (I want to be like him when I grow up!) Go, Daddy Cain, Go!!!

Other than that, I have been, well, a Dog! 
From left to right, My Chew Toy/Golden Retriever sister Chelsey, My Big Brother Tracker, and Me, Evi! :)

We have some Big news about my sister Chelsey, not only is she in training to be a service dog, she is also going to leave soon to go help boys in a detention center (I think its like a crate for people?) and  change their lives too! I'm sad she is is momma, but we know she has a greater purpose then just being a chew toy and opening our cupboards all the time! 

 Wrestling n' Running! Like only a Corgi and a Golden can!

 So Momma keeps saying how I have all of this "Energy" stuff? Now I'm not actually sure what she means, because she said sister Chelsey had it too. All I know is this summer will be filled with ways to have fun with this "Energy"  (I think its a type of ball!) but anyways, she said were going to start Obedience (that does not sound fun, I think the humans need to learn to be obedient, not the other way around!)  Tracking (I love using my nose!),  Therapy (I found out therapy is where I go let people pet me for their own well-being :), and Herding! I LOVE to chase things! So I'm very excited! My big brother Tracker will be doing all of this with me, but he also gets to try agility (Momma said its because he might be a kibble or two over weight! ;). My breeder said since I was born I was very agile, so I can't wait to be old enough to do Agility! 

 I am also learning how to steal all of the treats from my brother! ;) I sure love him, he's like a pillow/chew toy/treat dispenser! 

Wheeewwww! That was a long blog back! I hope whoever read it enjoys it, and just wait until my summer adventures start! It  will be a Ball !!!