Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello Everybody! 
   It's Evi, I know its late but I couldn't help but wake mom up with incessant whining, I just had to pee! Its amazing how grumpy my humans get after the lights go out, so its a good thing I'm so cute.
After mom brought me back inside and tucked me in with my favorite one eyed piggy and kissed me goodnight, I wondered about how much we do to get what we want. Or what we have to do to get what we want. My sister (well I think she is adopted, she is a silly blonde floppy-headed dog with long legs) has to do crazy things to get what she wants! She has learned to open things, close things, retrieve things, even wait for her food! (She obviously doesn't know how to train humans.) And she does all of this for a tiny bit of kibble. All I do is cry a bit and be adorable and I get exactly what I ask for. Is that true with all of us? Are many of us that hard worker, working for just one kibble, or is it just a matter of cocking your head to the left and having a nice set of big brown eyes?
Whatever it is, I'm going to stick to the cute thing to get what I want. It's a dog eat other dog's food world out there, and I don't want to take chances! But then again, I'm only 6 months old. :)
Goodnight world, sheep dreams!

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